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"As Co-CEOs my wife Sharada and I are both passionate and love teaching at our various retreats and workshops. The Retreats have now been in operation since 2012. Our Retreats originally began in Moggs Creek (Close to Fairhaven) and then we discovered the beautiful St Andrews beach venue. We have been growing and now we utilise two closeby venues at the St Andrews Beach location.

Last year we branched out and started serving Corporate clients and in particular helping them realise better performance all around through our Culture Wellbeing programs and management coaching.

Our vision is to keep expanding and we love to customise our offerings to individuals and organisations.

Bless you all."

Anthony Neale | Co-CEO of TAS Grace Sanctuary

Wellbeing Health Retreats · Self-employed from Jun 2012 to Present · 10 years

Together with my Co-CEO and wife Sharada, we operate from Nubeena, Tasmania, Australia

We help business owners and individuals to be the CEO of their Wellbeing. Enabling them to find their purpose, and build their Vision by providing the path towards Clarity and Financial Prosperity. Furthermore, helps them to be responsible for their own Wellbeing.

Recently, we expanded and provide free podcasts to promote Wellbeing via live video broadcast shows namely,  "Wellbeing Specialists" for individuals, "Let's Chat with Simon & Tony" which engages organisations, "Let's Meditate with Sharada & Tony", and "The Pathfinder" where the latter 2 series are for the general public.

Tony is a certified Master NLP coach of Communication, Mindset, and releasing unwanted Habits for over 14 years. Also Tony has been a certified Virtues Facilitator since 2012.

HR Chairperson

This is a volunteer role with the Virtues Project International Association from Mar 2021 to the present · 1 year 3 months. VPIA operates from Calgary Canada. Tony has been associated with VPIA and served on their board since 2017 in other roles including Governance and on their Exec committees.

Chairperson | Global Youth Mental Health Awareness 

Volunteer role from Oct 2020 to Present · 1 year 8 months. GYMHA operates from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Tony's voluntary position is to be an effective Chairperson of the Board of GYMHA. My mission is to help the Board to become an effective and efficient team to administer GYMHA thus enabling it to achieve the Vision and Business Plan from 2020 onwards.

Tony has had a highly successful career in Project Management and served on the Projects Management Institute Melbourne Chapter as a Board member and as the Mentoring Manager for the Institute for 8 years.

Sharada Rumi | Co-CEO of TAS Grace Sanctuary

She was the CEO of ThetaInspirations and Wellbeing Pathways and she is a Master Practitioner, Mentor and Coach for more than 20 years. She uses Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), ThetaHealing, Russian New Knowledge, Virtues Language, Meditation and Mindfulness tools and techniques.

Her background included being a Registered Nurse for over 20 years.

Sharada is featured in podcasts for "Healing Hotels" which has a global audience and the owners are based in Germany. She hosts our weekly live video broadcast ' Let's Meditate with Sarada & Tony'.

TAS Grace Sanctuary

TAS Grace Sanctuary is a community advocacy & support, non-government, unincorporated not-for-profit, private members association.  

Sharada Rumi and Anthony Neale are the founders of the Tas Grace Sanctuary Association – promoters of generating wellbeing for you!

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